Wine testing

In “Herdade da Barrosinha” can you have access to tastings our wines, guided by  our winemaker, where in addition to knowing our wines and detect in a targeted way the very different aromas and flavors contained in them

Grape harvest

Between the end of August and September, Hervest begins ate “Herdade da Barrosinha”. You can participate directly in the harvest, watch the manual harvesting of workers in traditional costumes, using modern harvesting machines, and allow for unique experiences, accompanied by light meals in the vineyard and tasting of our wines


In a totally informal and typical atmosphere of an old tavern, it is possible to have "a glass of three" accompanied by some local snacks, play games like cards or ladies and socialize with the workers of the homestead who, daily, join at the end of the day.



Walking, cycling or horse riding on selected routes, harvest of asparagus, wild mushrooms or aromatic herbs, participation in forestry activities, in which cork and the harvesting of pine cones, hunting in its multiple aspects, motor sports tracks with varying degrees of difficulty, all these activities combined with a cuisine based on the products of the estate are an odd set in the regional.

Sado´s tour

it is possible to embark at the anchorage of “Herdade da Barrosinha” and follow the Sado estuary contemplating a unique landscape and observing an internationally recognized biodiversity, especially birdlife

Special weekend programs

As a couple, on a romantic weekend sharing the beach and nature, surrounded by the tranquility of the homestead, or in a group with organized visits and entertainment programs, it is possible to find the ideal way to stay at the homestead based on the genuine atmosphere of an agroforestry company


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